NGR Push up challenge

welcome to my free 28 day push up challenge

"I don't know where to begin", "I have to restart my gym membership"...sound familiar? Listen, I know what it's like to look back on how you used to be then seemingly over night you find yourself here and now! You probably didn't expect to be in a body that, if I am being honest, is not what you ever expected for yourself. I am not one to judge. Even as a fitness professional, I have found myself looking in the mirror asking the same question..."How did I get here?" 

One thing that I did know, as difficult as it was, is that I had to take some kind of action. Let me tell you, it never gets easy to start from scratch but it had to be done! As we approach 2020, the promises will be made in abundance by millions just like every year. Today you have the chance to do different & be different. My 28 Day Push Up Camp is designed to be that jump start that you need to shift into a new mentality. Get started today by completing the form below.